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Our Roots

Rizgari Foundation’s strength is demonstrated not only in the words we stand by, but
above all through our actions. In 2019, our non-governmental organization (NGO) realized that
by working with existing agencies in Kurdistan we could overcome challenges much

more efficiently, and that is why we decided to launch

Rizgari Foundation.



Making A Difference

Rizgari Foundation is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at
our NGO provides relief to refugees in Kurdistan. By working with existing agencies on
the ground, Rizgari Foundation guarantees that all donated funds reach the people they
are intended for. We believe this not only makes us more credible as an agency but
more importantly underscores our main motivation, namely... to give hope. 


Rizgari Foundation ensures that every dollar donated is accounted for and used solely

for the relief of the desperate people of Kurdistan.

Hungry children in refugee camp, distrib
medical aid symbol on a vintage jute arm
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At Rizgari Foundation, we are dedicated to addressing the issue of Food and
Water supplies. Many people in Kurdish refugee camps do not have access to
clean water and their food rations are limited. So Rizgari Foundation, with the aid
of your donations, prioritizes the purchase and transfer of food and water stocks.


With our mission in mind, we constantly strive to find new strategies for dealing
with this challenge. Medical Aid is a fundamental focus of Rizgari Foundation. Our team is working each and every day to make sure that we explore the most effective ways of medical aid distribution. Your donations go towards the

purchasing of vital medical supplies.


Rizgari Foundation strives towards alleviating poverty and suffering amongst
Kurdish refugees and therefore focuses on providing needed educational
tools. We know how crucial a factor Education is in alleviating poverty in the long
term. So your donations go towards education tools and to supporting networks
and agencies which have experience in education administration.



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